Fisher's Space Pen - Blue Line Police

Fisher's Space Pen - Blue Line Police

Fisher's Space Pen - White Line EMS

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The Space Pen was developed as a result of the designers experiments with new ink formulations and method of pressurizing a pen. When astronauts started to explore the reaches of outer-space, Fisher realized that no existing pen could perform in the boiling hot, freezing cold, gravity less void. Fisher designed and patented a pump action AG7 pen that would pressurize a special ink for about 30 seconds of write out so pen could write at any angle or zero gravity.

Finish: Matte Black
Length: 130 mm (5.10")
Diameter: 9.5 mm (.375")
Weight: 27 grams
Cartridge: Pressurized #SPR4
Ink: Thixotropic Black
Point: Medium
Operating Range: -35˚C • 121˚C
Package: Gift Boxed

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