We at Fisher’s are excited to launch this new blog. We’re going to take advantage of this technology to keep you up to date on new product launches, uniform and regalia updates and we’ll even answer some frequently asked questions. We’ll also post information on topics relevant to firefighting, law enforcement, emergency medical and military occupations.

More importantly let us thank you in advance for your participation.  It’s only with your feedback that we stand a chance at serving you better.  Blogs not only serve as an informational pipeline to you the customer, but with your assitance we’ll understand even better your needs and work harder to streamline our operations in  an effort to serve you better.

!Update 05/01/2012

Hey Everyone! Happy New year!

We made sure that we started 2012 on the right foot by getting through our buggy transition with the website. It is now possible to proceed through checkouts and browse without any errors coming your way.  If you do have any challenges shopping at fishersregalia.com please don’t hesitate to let us know.  Please include any error messages you may receive.

If you have any other questions or concerns regarding the website shoot me an email at:


EDIT: The only problem you should be facing is not receiving a confirmation email regarding your purchase. We are working hard to stomp out this problem as soon as possible.

Fisher’s And You….Tube


Hey Everyone,

Now that we are into the new year I would like to briefly go over what we plan to do to enhance your experience with us at Fisher’s.

As you may have noticed, Fisher’s does have a YouTube page where we plan to have very informative and interesting videos released as they become available. Although we are very busy here at Fisher’s, we want to continue to provide useful resources and platforms for our customers to take advantage of.

As we continue to develop more material, take the time to “like” or comment on our videos on YouTube if they were at any time informative or of some value to you so that we can see that feedback and continue to develop more media products.

Thanks for your time and if you havn’t seen these videos yet, I have them posted here.


How To Attach Long Service Insignia

!Update 19/12/2011

!Update 19/12/2011

The Fisher’s Regalia website is under going some web hosting issues in regards to transferring from one host to another. Please accept our apologies at this time until we are able to get the site back up and running in perfect condition. Feel free to come back to the blog for more updates and if you are in need of ordering product or have any questions or concerns, you may contact Fisher’s through any of the following methods posted here.

Thank you for your patience.

Chris Tulloch – Manager, Web Content & I.T. – Fisher’s Regalia