Introducing New Tactical Gloves!



New to Fisher’s! 2nd Skinz tactical gloves by Franklin.

Franklin’s new UNIFORCE 2nd- SKINZ line of gloves delivers unprecedented fit, feel, and performance through a combination of patent pending construction and sophisticated ultra-high performance materials. So perfect are these gloves that they fit, feel, and perform like a “second skin” – only better! By utilizing highly sophisticated, engineered materials such as DYNEEMA and Parados leather, 2ND- SKINZ tactical gloves provide the highest degree of protection against cuts and abrasions while remaining incredibly light. flexible, and form fitting. If that wasn’t enough, 2ND-SKINZ also provide superior heat and moisture dispersion and are 100% washable.

These gloves have a variety of features depending on the feature gloves you choose. For example, the glove you see here is the Cut and Chemical Resistant style.


For more details on the products or where you can get a hold of a set go to

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