Chris Tulloch

My name is Chris, I am proud to say that I am the grandson of our founder, the late Robert J. Fisher and the son of the current President, Yvonne Fisher-Tulloch.

I am currently the Production/IT Manager, responsible for the programming and maintenance of the company’s website, all social media and internal networks as well as making sure all of your orders are shipped out correctly and in a timely fashion.  We are always investigating ways to improve our service capabilities.

I know it was my grandfather’s dream to keep the family business thriving for as long as there was interest. Both myself and my two sisters have participated in some level in the growth of the company and I think he would of been very proud.

Communication is key for us here at Fisher’s. The feedback we get from you helps us better improve our products and services and by you using the tools we put out there helps us help you better.

Thanks for your time, if you need assistance on any technical issues with the website or any of our extensions from the website, you can contact me at:

Hope to hear from you soon!

Chris Tulloch – Manager, Web Content & I.T. – Fisher’s Regalia

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